Human resource management practices in jamuna bank ltd

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HRM Practice on Jamuna Bank

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Scope of the study Jamuna Bank Limited is now well growing and it’s containing sixty-six branches in Bangladesh. The scope of the study will be limited to the organizational setup, function and operation of the Jamuna Bank Limited in the Bangladesh. This report mainly encompasses the Human Resource Practices of Jamuna Bank Limited.

A report on Human Resource Management Practices of Janata Bank Ltd. by md8imran/5(12). AgriBiotech Project: SQUARE has setup a plant tissue culture laboratory to develop agricultural/agro processing sector in the country and is committed to bring improved quality planting materials and year round production through AgriBiotech.

Page 12 of 72 Human Resource Practices of Jamuna Bank Limited Profile of Jamuna Bank Limited Name of the Company: Jamuna Bank Limited Legal Form: Jamuna Bank Limited (JBL) is a Banking Company registered under the Companies Act, with its Head Office at Hadi Mansion, 2, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka, and Bangladesh.

* To know about the Human Resource practice in Jamuna Bank Ltd & in banking sector. * To know about the Human Resource policies and practices at Jamuna Bank Ltd. * To know about Human Resource planning in Jamuna Bank Ltd.

* To gather the actual knowledge about the Human Resource operations in the organizations.

Human resource management practices in jamuna bank ltd
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Hrm practices in dhaka bank limited” by Md Papon - Issuu